Being Salt and Light in Brighton, MI

Stewardship Training

January 11, 2015 @ 9:00 am – 9:15 am
Meeting Room

sermonStewardship: What Difference Does it Make?

Barry Smith will be training and equipping us in a 7 week course (Jan 11- Feb 22) Sunday at 9-9:50am.

Stewardship is partnering with God to manage His resources to accomplish His purposes. From beginning to end, creation through the new creation, the story of Scripture is God’s call for stewards t manage His Kingdom. Come out and participate in God’s plan.

Training outline: subject to change as group takes shape and Holy Spirit leads.

Week 1: What is Stewardship?

Week 2: Stewardship as Worship

Week 3: Stewardship as Christ body

Week 4: Stewardship in Family

Week 5: Stewardship in Mission

Week 6: Stewardship in Community

Week 7: Stewardship Our Future