Being Salt and Light in Brighton, MI

       Beginning September 18, Pastor Jacob will be leading a study group that will be surveying the entire New Testament (NT).
This group is designed for those who have a desire to learn more about the essential historical and cultural background of the NT, as well as an examination of the content found in each book. This survey will give you a foundational understanding of the NT and will prepare you for future in-depth NT studies. This study group is ideal for new believers as well as those who desire to refresh their knowledge of the NT.

By completing this group study, you will gain:

   • knowledge about how and why the 27 books of the New Testament came to be included in the biblical canon
• essential historical and cultural background information on day-to- day life in NT times
• an informed understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus as presented across the four gospels
• insight into the setting, occasion and authors purpose for each NT book /letter
• confidence in your growing knowledge of the scriptures through weekly readings, video lectures, and group discussions

The format of this study group will be:

    Weekly assigned readings from our textbook and from the scriptures, to be completed before each meeting (see course schedule).

Each weekly meeting will consist of:

    Prayer 20 minute video lecture by NT scholar and author Robert H. Gundry. These lectures will correspond with that weeks readings. Commentary on the readings will provide additional insight. Group discussion and Q & A with Pastor Jacob.

Study Resources Here: